Parking Area Rules

The Regulations of the Camper parking area Il Rospo Smeraldino is established to guarantee everyone a uniform, orderly and peaceful use of the structure

The stay in the area implies total acceptance of these Rules. Failure to comply with the Rules and other Management provisions entails the removal of the offender from the parking area, unless also reported to the Public Authorities in the event that non-compliance could possibly constitute a crime.

Parking is only allowed for campers and cars equipped with a roof tent or set up for overnight stay inside the vehicle,
Parking is not allowed for caravans and camping tents.

Furthermore, all the specific indications given in the signs placed in the area must be respected.

  • Parking is allowed only for vehicles with a capacity not exceeding 35 quintals and without a trailer. Equipped with plate and insurance. And after the correct registration of the crew's personal data.
  • With payment at the automatic pay station, placed at the entrance of the area, the user is required to collect the card (for the missed delivery, the user is required to notify the managers of the parking area). In the event of damage or loss of the card, the user is required to pay for a new card.
  • The payment of parking does not entitle you to a reserved or exclusive pitch. Parking permits are not transferable.
  • The User is required to position the vehicle in the place indicated by the signs, observing the utmost caution when moving.
  • Each pitch must be used only for the parking of a camper. The transfer to third parties of the use of the pitch and the takeover of third parties in the occupation of parked vehicles is also prohibited.
  • The vehicle parked outside the parking spaces or, in any case, in an irregular manner, can be removed at the risk and expense of the User, who will in any case be required to pay the rate provided for the parking period, it is always forbidden to stay along the avenue internal or in any case in order to obstruct the transit. It is also forbidden to stay near the access to the area, in such a way as to make entry or exit maneuvers difficult.
  • Users are directly responsible for the damage they cause to the parking area systems, staff and third parties. In the event of damage to property belonging to the Il Rospo parking area, the author of the damage will have to repair it at his own expense.
  • Inside the parking area, always proceed at walking pace (10 km per hour).
  • The correct use of the electrical connection made available on the pitches is subject to the exclusive responsibility of the user, who must use cables, joints and sockets in accordance with the law, so as to avoid any danger to people or things.
  • Vehicles must be parked in compliance with the surrounding pitches, following the correct positioning given by the signs.
  • Customers are invited to take care of the equipment, of the common public services.
  • Minors not accompanied by an adult are not accepted. Minors present in the camper area must be kept in the constant custody of the adults to whom they are entrusted, the latter are directly responsible, and in no case, the behavior of minors can to the detriment of the quiet and safety of them and other guests of the rest area.
  • Dogs must have a health record in order with vaccinations, they must always be kept on a leash. It is forbidden to leave animals unattended outside and inside the vehicle in order to put their safety at risk. Carers are obliged to collect the needs of their animals. Any damage caused to third parties by animals is the responsibility of the accompanying person.
  • The chemical toilet containers, as well as all other sewage and waste water collected in the internal systems of the campers, must be emptied into the appropriate drainage wells in the area. Unloading operations can only be carried out during the daytime. Motorhome drivers are required to clean the outside of the sanitation area immediately after use. It is strictly forbidden to discharge any other material, liquid or solid, other than that indicated in this regulation.
  • Water is a precious asset. We kindly ask our guests to take special care of them, avoiding any form of waste. It is strictly forbidden to use water for improper use.
  • Water is a precious commodity. We kindly ask our guests to take special care of them, avoiding any form of waste. It is strictly forbidden to use water for improper use.


Unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited inside the area:

The positioning outside the authorized vehicle of gazebos, camping tents, clothesline, antennas and other objects of any nature and size.

  • The lighting of fires outside any specially equipped areas.
  • Cut and / or damage plants, shrubs, or even only branches of existing vegetation, uprooting of grass, stripping and felling of trees, climbing on them.
  • Move stones to level the camper or for any other use and dig small holes.
  • The removal and damage of materials and objects owned by the parking area.
  • The game with balls or throwing objects and, practicing any other activity, potentially capable of causing damage or disturbance to third parties.
  • Washing and hanging clothes outside the cars.
  • Prolonged parking of the cars with the engine running.
  • The washing of vehicles and campers, both in the accommodation pitches and in the unloading pitch.
  • Planting nails, tying threads for any use from one end of the pitch to the other.
  • Discard hot water close to the plants and at any point in the parking area. 
  • Put detergents into the soil.
  • The unloading and storage of objects of any kind especially if flammable.
  • Refueling.
  • The use of power generators, even "silent" and the taking of any behavior that creates or simulates a camping situation, for which the area is not intended, is also prohibited.
  • In the hours 13:00-16:00 and 23:00-08:00 any noise that may disturb the rest of the guests, including a high tone of voice, is prohibited. The use of radio and television is allowed with extreme moderation and in any case in full compliance with the time of silence.

The Management, as required by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not comply with the Regulations or behaves in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance. Help us keep the parking area and services clean so that you can fully enjoy the protected area where you are staying.

In this area the fauna is protected, it is recommended to:

  • Do not introduce waste, food scraps, insecticide or high pollutants into the area.
  • Do not disturb the animals with the throwing of stones and with inappropriate games.
  • Do not abandon animals, such as fish, turtles etc.
  • Do not catch or administer food to animals.
  • Respect the fauna and flora throughout the rest of the area.


The parking area Il Rospo is not required to lend custody and therefore does not respond in any case:

  • The damage that users can mutually cause in the parking area.
  • Of the fire, theft or damage, even partial, of the vehicle or of what is left on board and outside the same, including accessories.

Any interruption in the provision of the services provided (waste water discharge, drinking water supply, etc.) due to failures or for cases of force majeure, does not oblige the Administration to pay damages or reimbursements of any kind. If urgent technical / maintenance interventions or for other proven safety / hygiene needs represented by competent authorities are required, drivers of parked vehicles must promptly move the vehicle, so as to allow the necessary activities to be carried out. In the event of refusal to move or the absence of the driver, the vehicles can be removed coercively, at the expense of the user. In any case, the user will not be able to make any claim to the area manager for the disservice, without prejudice to the tariff obligations relating to the parking period.

In the parking area Il Rospo a video surveillance system is installed, for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the company's assets, preventing illegal acts and any form of danger for the safety of users. The images are recorded and deleted within and no later than 7 days from the successful registration. customers to take care of the equipment, of the common public services.

Thank you